Expat adventures: Beyond the obvious

Welcome to our blog dedicated to the often overlooked aspects of expat life - a world of adventure, new cultures and opportunities.

In our articles, we take you on a journey through the mostly unknown areas of expat life, sharing experiences and offering practical tips for situations that are overshadowed by the obvious aspects of expat life. After all, only by embracing the diversity of challenges can you truly experience the full potential and joy of expat life.

When Your Child Has Disappeared.

You are waiting for your child, who normally comes home on time after school. But on this sunny afternoon, he ...

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When an employee becomes a victim.

You have sent an employee abroad. Everything went well. The employee is the right one, the familiarization process was in ...

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When copies prevent you from driving on.

You are driving home at night with your family. It’s late, everyone is tired and just wants to get home ...

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When your dog is fighting for his life.

The city where you and your family have been living for several months is an exciting new world that is ...

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When life gets too tight.

You have successfully arrived in your new country. Your home is furnished, the children are happy at their new school, ...

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When checking in leads to a panic attack.

You enter the hotel and immediately feel how the hustle and bustle of the outside world remains outside. Here, in ...

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