You are driving home at night with your family. It’s late, everyone is tired and just wants to get home to bed. Suddenly the traffic slows down, yellow lights flash a few hundred metres ahead of you and the traffic merges into one lane. You see police emergency vehicles parked on both sides of the road and police officers watching the traffic and waving individual vehicles out. You are also waved out.

No problem, you checked with a colleague before you left, you have a copy of all the documents with you. But only after an endless 3 hours of countless phone calls can you finally leave the checkpoint, completely annoyed and exhausted. Because the copies were only half the truth, they should have been officially notarized.

The situation you experienced at the checkpoint emphasizes the importance of correct preparation and understanding of the local regulations in your new home country. Even seemingly small details such as notarized copies can have a significant impact. Go to your local police station or check with the relevant Ministry of Transport. Careful planning and knowledge of local regulations will help to avoid such situations and make your journey home a pleasant and stress-free experience.

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