You arrived in your new home some time ago. Everything is going well. You have settled in nicely, your job is enjoyable, and your colleagues are friendly. Only sometimes, when you come home in the evening after work, you feel a bit lonely.

You are spending your first Christmas season in the country. For Christmas, the company organized a joint Christmas party for all the expats who stayed in the country. It was lovely and contemplative. For New Year’s Eve, you were invited by your neighbour to his party. At first, you wanted to avoid going, but you ended up attending.

The party is in full swing. Great people, a lively atmosphere, fantastic music, and a lot of alcohol. The next afternoon, you wake up in your own bed with a massive hangover. Although you are alone, there are clear signs that a second person spent the night with you. Your attempt to recall the evening fails miserably. You have a blackout.

Suddenly, you are terrified. There is no sign that you protected yourself, and this in a country with one of the highest AIDS rates in the world. You are instantly sober and shocked.

PEP can be a solution. PEP stands for post-exposure prophylaxis. It is HIV medication taken over four weeks to prevent HIV from establishing itself in the body. However, the therapy must begin within 48 hours after potential exposure.

Not wishful thinking, suppressing, and hoping, but quick action is necessary.

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