Why have I developed this programme?

My adventure as an expat in Johannesburg began many years ago. At the beginning, I had mixed, even negative feelings about the city. It took almost two years for that to change.

In those two years, I got lost countless times, threw several navigation devices out of the window in frustration, narrowly escaped being carjacked and regularly had to convince my small family not to flee the country. On top of all this, I was also burdened by my work commitments.

These two years were full of stress, outbursts of anger, frustration and doubt. But what changed after that time? We had finally settled in. We understood what was 'normal' in Johannesburg, knew the best places and the right people to talk to and had created an environment in which we felt comfortable.

“These two years were full of stress, outbursts of anger, frustration and doubt.”

Expatriate Protection and Integration Program

These personal experiences, combined with over 20 years of professional experience in the field of personal protection and security with a special focus on expats in high-risk areas, led to the development of the "Expatriate Protection and Integration Programme".

The Expatriate Protection and Integration Programme offers a holistic solution that goes far beyond traditional advice, training and services. My aim was to develop a programme that enables expats to feel at home in their new home country right from the start.

A win-win for the company and the expats.

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