EPIP - The Programme

A service that saves costs, time, and effort, and at the same time increases and secures the success of the secondment.

What does a successful secondment mean to us?

An assignment that fulfils the expectations of both parties: the company and the expat.

Who is this programme for?

For everyone involved in the success of an assignment: specialists and managers who are seconded with their partners or families for a longer period of time, company owners, managing directors, HR managers, corporate security, and controlling staff.

What is so special?

With the Expatriate Protection and Integration Program, you have a solution that reduces the probability of an assignment failing to a minimum and maximises the success of the assignment.

With us at your side, you save time, money, and effort while increasing the motivation, productivity, and company loyalty of your expats.

Holistic, evidence-based, successful.

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