You have sent an employee abroad. Everything went well. The employee is the right one, the familiarization process was in full swing. Until one late evening he became the victim of a carjacking in which he was injured. The injuries were so severe that he had to be transported back to Germany.

Almost simultaneously with the start of treatment, the investigation against you or your company begins. It is investigated whether you did everything necessary to protect your employee.

The issue of safety and the necessary protective measures are always subject to strong subjective influence. It varies from person to person. What you consider to be excessive protection may be far too little for someone else.

ISO 31030, Guidelines for Travel Risk Management, can provide a more objective basis for assessing the security measures that a company implements to protect employees on assignment. It provides outsiders and you yourself with a framework of which measures should be implemented and how in order to ensure the greatest possible protection.

On the one hand, ISO 31030 enables outsiders to evaluate your security measures and, on the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to review your assignment measures in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations and to supplement and improve them if necessary.

Implementing ISO 31030 creates safety for your employees and your company.

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