You are standing in the reception hall of an unfamiliar airport. It’s a public holiday, jet lag is gnawing away at your tiredness as the impressions of this new world flowing in on you. The sounds and smells mingle into a bewitching chaos, curious glances rest on you. You have the feeling that everyone is looking at you and realizing that you are a stranger. You know this feeling. In these moments, you always feel a bit alone and lonely. But, you know you are expected by a driver, and you are not alone.

You collect your luggage and walk towards the exit, where the driver is waiting for you. Surrounded by hundreds of travellers and pushy taxi drivers who want to impose their services on you, you look for your driver. He is not there.

You know his name, his mobile phone number, you call, he doesn’t answer. You know the telephone number of the branch, but nobody is available there because of the public holiday. You know the mobile phone number of the colleague you will be working with, but he doesn’t answer. What now? Pure stress.

Something like this can always happen. Prepare yourself for such situations. Who can you call on site? The more telephone numbers, the better. Which are the officially registered taxis? How can you call them? What do you need to look out for? Where can you find them? And, most importantly, know the correct address of your destination.

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