You have been selected by your company. After extensive assessment centres, you have been successful. You and your family are sent abroad for two years. Your task is to set up a local public transport system: buses, trams, and trains to finally stem the traffic chaos and provide the population with a reliable, inexpensive, and safe transport system. An all-round meaningful project for everyone involved. You are proud to be responsible for it.

But just one month into the project, you are faced with unexpected challenges. Company vehicles are on fire, local employees are threatened, and massive, sometimes violent protests break out. The reason? The local taxi drivers feel threatened by the new transport system and are doing everything they can to prevent its introduction.

Even if, from your point of view, your project, your company only brings good things for the people, you always ask yourself the question: What impact does your project, your company, have on the various local groups? There is always at least one group that fears actual or perceived disadvantages. Put yourself in their shoes in advance, right from the initial planning stage, and involve them.

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