Late in the evening, stressed and exhausted, you and your family arrive at the airport of your new home. You have finally arrived. But the journey, already characterized by flight delays and the uncertainty of a new beginning, takes a frightening turn.

You pass through border control and are routinely checked. You are carrying a large quantity of prescription high blood pressure tablets that you need. As they were bought in Germany, the package insert is in German. The problem is that at this late hour at the airport, there is neither a doctor nor anyone available who can read German and confirm your information that these are indeed high blood pressure tablets

You are separated from your family and taken to a separate room for questioning. The children are frightened, your wife on the verge of tears. To cut a long story short, as there is no one who can confirm the accuracy of your statements at this late hour, you remain in the custody of the border police until the next morning. Including your family.

Obtain all documents, including instruction leaflets, in the local language, or at least in English. Get prescriptions from your doctor in English confirming that you need this medication.

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