You and your family arrived in your new home 3 months ago. It was fantastic: the people, the culture, the nature, the weather. You had the feeling that you had arrived in paradise on earth. You only saw things in common with the people and the new culture. You felt safe, orientated, and a wonderful sense of belonging filled you and your family. What happiness.

Today, 3 months after your arrival, this same paradise no longer looks quite so paradisiacal. Dark clouds have gathered. Instead of similarities, you see more and more differences that disturb you. Feelings of security and orientation diminish. You are withdrawing more and more and the family complaints are increasing.

One of the most effective ways to mitigate this downward trend is to establish a personalised feel-good infrastructure for yourself and each individual family member in your new home right from the start. It is best to ask yourself and your loved ones the following questions before you leave: What do I need to feel comfortable? What infrastructure do I need for this? Utilise the momentum and energy of the initial period and develop your own personal infrastructure from the outset, in which you all feel comfortable.

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