You are an ambitious runner. The marathon course is no problem for you. Boston, New York, Berlin, you’ve been everywhere. Running is part of your life. In your new home, too. To your delight, there is a colleague at the branch who shares your enthusiasm for running. You train together.

You meet in the car park from which you regularly set off. It’s your home run. 20 kilometres, no problem for either of you. You’ve thought of everything and prepared yourself. You have a water bottle, smartwatch with heart rate monitor, GPS, and phone function with you. You set off. You pass kilometre 12 and there is a loud bang, and you collapse, your face contorted in pain, unable to get up. You can no longer put any weight on your right leg, let alone stand and walk. You need help, but your smartwatch has no reception. There is only one option: your colleague leaves you alone and calls for help, which arrives two hours later. Alone, you would have had a much bigger problem.

Don’t blindly rely on the technology working. Try it out. You have been given a GPS tracker for your protection, press the alarm button, trigger an alarm and test the reaction.

Simply owning the technology does not automatically increase your security.

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