You and your family successfully arrived in your new home a few months ago. Your company has rented you a beautifully furnished house, the work is interesting and your colleagues are friendly. The excitement of the new beginning has subsided and everyday life is slowly settling in.

Nevertheless, in times of calm, especially at weekends and after work, a sad feeling regularly creeps up on you. Although everything is going well, you feel homesick. You miss your familiar routines, your friends and acquaintances and the environment in which you felt at home.

Homesick as an adult? It happens more often than you might think among expats. Especially when the initial euphoria has subsided. A good first step is to talk about it. Talk to your partner or a friend about it. Talking helps and provides relief. An olfactory stimulus can also reduce homesickness. Is there a particular smell that reminds you of home? Did you use a particular room spray? Use it in your new home. It can help.

The good thing about homesickness, it’s like an annoying headache, it goes away eventually.

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