For the first time in your life, you have hired a domestic worker, Maria, an extraordinary woman who helps you with the housework and looking after your children. Maria took your family’s hearts by storm. Her trustworthiness is unquestionable. She is like winning the lottery for you and plays a major role in making you feel at home in this foreign country after just a short time. Of course, you have given her a key for the entrance gate, she knows the code for the alarm system and can move freely around the house.

But unnoticed by Maria, criminals are keeping an eye on her and watching her. They watch as she has free access to your property and switches off the alarm system. One day, the criminals take Maria’s mother hostage and force her to hand over the keys and the code. Four armed men set out to rob you and your family. Only by a great coincidence were you not at home and “only” valuables were stolen.

It is not a question of not giving keys or alarm system codes to domestic staff in general. Rather, you should educate yourself, understand the local crime rates and develop a security plan based on this information that protects both your family and your domestic staff.

Even simple procedures such as being present, at least when the domestic staff arrive, so that they do not need a key or the code for your alarm system has a major positive impact on your mutual security.

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