You have arrived in your new home. You are immensely proud of yourself for having dared to take this big step. You have thrown your fears, your worries, your concerns overboard and done it. It feels incredibly good. You are surfing on a wave of happiness and bursting with self-confidence. No goal is too far, too high, or too difficult. You feel like you can do anything.

As soon as you arrive, you want to tackle your next goals. Lose five kilos, do more sport, jog 10 kilometres, eat healthier and stop drinking alcohol. You have set yourself all these goals so often. Now it seems achievable. Now is your time!

You are starting out more motivated than you have ever been. Your “one moment in time”. But after six weeks, it’s all over. Your motivation is at zero, you feel mentally and physically exhausted and are hugely disappointed in yourself.

You have overextended yourself. Seduced by the huge wave of motivation, you have tried to achieve everything at the same time.

But, even in your new world, big successes and big changes come in small steps. One goal at a time.

Take advantage of the initial big wave of motivation. Determine a goal that is particularly close to your heart. Where do you want to go? How do you want to achieve this goal in regular small steps?

A new life, in a new home, with new successes. Step by step.

You want to make your next assignment a success story?

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