You’ve earned it. You and your family have arrived in your new home. You’ve overcome all the hurdles. What a great feeling. You want to celebrate. The children have been taken care of, a colleague has recommended a bar, let’s go. You set off with your partner to enjoy a great evening.

The bar is full of cheerful people, great atmosphere, great music. You manage to get a table. You order drinks. The drinks arrive, you toast with your partner – to a great adventure! The evening progresses, more drinks arrive, the mood rises. You go dancing.

You return to your table, toast your partner and just before you can take a sip, you are bumped into and spill the rest of your drink. The man politely apologizes to you and orders two new drinks for you and your partner to make up for it. All is well.

Your partner apologizes briefly and goes to the toilet. After a while, you check and find him in the corridor to the toilets, crouching on the floor, completely apathetic and helpless. With the help of the bar staff, you call an ambulance to take him to hospital immediately. There it is established that he has been given knockout drops. The man’s jostling probably spared you the same fate.

The first rule is never leave your drink unattended. If this happens frequently in your area, or the media and police warn you, only drink from bottles. Make sure that the bottles or cans are only opened at your table. You should also avoid ice cubes.

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