You enter the hotel and immediately feel how the hustle and bustle of the outside world remains outside. Here, in the hotel lobby, is where your retreat during your journey should begin. A place where you feel safe and secure.

In the bustling lobby, you are greeted by a friendly hotel employee and begin the check-in process. You place your luggage next to you, filling out a form distracts you for just a moment, your luggage is gone.

Panic overcomes you. Your important documents and personal mementos have disappeared. You look around searching, but your luggage seems to have vanished into thin air.

Fortunately, it turns up again. A bellboy has taken it by mistake.

The moment you check into the hotel is the time when you should be particularly careful. There is a lack of orientation, the lobby is busy and the exhaustion of travelling is weighing on your concentration.

But, your security in hotels starts long before you actually arrive. Is the room booked in the name of the company? Not a good idea. Better to use your name and the company address. Also on the luggage tag. Or is the hotel increasingly booked by Europeans? Or do congresses take place there regularly? Not a good idea to book there if there are radical groups in the country that reject Europeans.

Knowledge, awareness and smart decisions are the key to making your stay a memorable one.

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